An idea how to add new languages

Back to the old question about new languages.
The requirement here is too strong and is hard to be fulfilled at once: New Languages on LingQ
I have got a newer idea.

I guess it’s known how much effort any new language requires to be added. Some languages need much effort, some of them may be just copied from other similar ones. So, they “cost” differently.
I would recommend to keep donates (in LingQ points) for every particular language slot without content inside. I believe it would cost not too much, so users who are interested in Hungarian or Thai could “pay” to make their dreams real.
The LingQ team just needs to invent how to collect the donates for adding new languages.
It could be another alternative way but it looks easier to be completed than the 2+5+5 scenario which already exists.


Hi Ress,
Thanks for your suggestion. We do need enough of quality material uploaded before we can add new language, and that is the only reason why we have this content requirements.
Not all of our users are interested in uploading their own learning material, and most of them expect to already have enough study content.
Thanks again for you suggestions, we do appreciate it very much! And we hope to have more languages added to LingQ.

Is the idea that the collected points will be attracting people (native speakers) to create/add content and be paid in points, or is that amount of points simply meant to impress the admins and demonstrate that there is high demand? To me it makes more sense if you mean idea #1.

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Points are like a strange type of demurrage currency that disappears like sands in an hour glass before you even realise they were in your account.

It would be good if I had an outlet for the points that seem to flood out of my account like a biblical event each month.

But I have no idea what a good idea would be here.

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