An excellent new Mandarin tv series - 人民的名义(In the name of people)

I just want to recommend this new series to anyone looking to give their intermediate Chinese a kick forward. It started airing at the end of March, now all the 52 episodes are out.

There is a guy on YouTube that is gradually translating the subtitles to English and they are high quality/idiomatic. So you have Chinese audio with Chinese/English subtitles, an excellent combination.

As for the series itself, it’s a depiction of the recent anti-corruption crack-downs of the Xi Jin Ping administration, set in a fictious province of 汉东. Definitely worth a watch, it’s hugely popular in China and has been dubbed the Chinese House of cards.

Here is a link to the YouTube channel with the first 8 episodes so far translated to English:


I agree this is a fun show to watch. I’ve been trying to find the show’s audio and transcripts without success.

Is that practical though? I think there is something to extract subtitles from video, and you could also convert the video to audio, if you really wanted to

Thank you. I bookmarked it. It does look really good.

You’ve probably already seen ‘Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms:’ 電視劇三生三世十里桃花 Eternal Love(a.k.a. Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms)第一集 EP01 楊冪 趙又廷 CROTON MEGAHIT Official - YouTube

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check that out.

I debate about that too. I watch the show with my wife. A lot of the vocab is too dense and fast for me at this point, so I hate to hold up the show for my wife. If I could preview the episodes though, it’d probably make the show even more enjoyable.

Haha, I saw my girlfriend watching it, but I actually didn’t like that style at all. I have only watched a few episodes of 老九门, but I am in the same position as KashgarJack, I still can’t follow any tv series without constant pauses and looking up vocabulary.

Yeah it’s the same for me, watching a 50 minute episode might take me 5 hours, the good story is just a way to trick my brain into being able to bear through it.