An error when listening and downloading lessons

Hi there!
When I’m inside a lesson, in the right column there’s a blue player with two green buttons. This player has also a timeline.

I’ve noticed such problem: under this timeline a time is shown in a strange way: “0:00 / ?:??”.

I think it’s some mistake cause when I push the “Play” button (a green button with a grey triangle) nothing happens. The player doesn’t work and I can’t listen to the podcast.

Also I can’t download any audio to my computer.

Please could somebody tell what’s goin’ on? How can it be fixed?

Thanks a lot!

What lesson are you studying?

Is this the case for all lessons on LingQ or just one specific lesson/collection?

Yes, this is the case for all lessons (and all languages.)

E. g. now I’m studying English.
I tried also German, French, Chinese - but for all of these languages audiopodcasts don’t work too.
They aren’t downloadable and playable.

We have had some other users note a similar error in the past. In most cases, it was related to a firewall that prevented them from accessing the files. Are you able to try using LingQ from a different location or someone else’s computer? This would help greatly in determining where the error lies.

I understood. I’ll try to turn out my firewall and try again.
Yeah, it was because of my antivirus. When I turned it off I could listen to an audio. But when the antivirus turned on everything became the same: audios don’t play