An another problem with the app for android

The application worked fine a few days on my smartphone ; now, when I want to open a lesson, I have a message “Ilingq s’est arrêté” and the app closes and I can’t do anything.

Thank you for your help.

@salba - That is strange. What type of smartphone are you using and which version of the app?

I have a Samsung Galaxy 3.

@salba - Thanks. And, can you check which version of our app you are using? Is it the latest version?

I’m also having this problem. I have a Nexus 5 running android 4.4.4 and the latest version of Lingq. When I try to open any lesson I get “Unfortunately, iLingQ has stopped” then the app shuts down.

I resolve my problem : I remove the app and download again and it is working fine with all my lessons.

@Danno, salba - Sorry for the trouble! A new version will be up shortly, but in the meantime deleting and reinstalling the app should help with some crashes.

Is this still being worked on? (HTC 5.5 with Android v4.4.2). Perhaps there is a way to get the older version (Android 2.3.3 to 3.2.6)?

The app crashes and kills the Playstore service along with it. Perhaps there are few crash reports coming in because of this?

Hmm, are you sure you’re on the latest version of the app? I still see some reports coming in for 3.0.x, but in the latest version 3.1.1 there haven’t been any reports. If you’re still having trouble with this, please try deleting the app and reinstalling it to see if that helps!