An analogy which depicts the importance of Enthusiasm in Language learning

A lot of people I know want to be able to speak multiple languages, but never learn. Similarly, a lot of people I know want to lose weight and “get in shape”, and most never do.

Now let me say without bragging, in the same way that someone who speaks 5 languages can say without bragging, that I am in shape. Very good physical shape. Most people would want to be as fit as I am. How did this happen? Magically? No. It happend because I enjoy playing soccer. A SIDE EFFECT of this enjoyment is my physical fitness.

My enthusiasm for and drive to play soccer keeps me playing, anytime i get a chance. I WANT to play. I do. And as a result, I happen to be in good shape, which is something I also enjoy.

To learn a new language, you need this same kind of enthusiasm. You need to have something that you LOVE TO DO, and do it. Learning the language will then become something of a SIDE EFFECT (A really fantastic side effect at that!!). You will do something you enjoy, and as a result you will also speak a new language.

The key is finding something you are absolutely driven to, the way I am to playing soccer. I am just learning a new language and am trying to find this too. Its not easy. I enjoy news and stuff. Maybe I should make it that if I want to read or hear some news, it must be in my target language.

We shall see. Anyways the point has been made: find something you really enjoy, the language (and maybe some physical fitness too somehow) will come with IT.