Amharic or Amarinia

As I currently live in Ethiopia, I am very keen to see Amharic as a new beta language on LingQ. This language is the national language of Ethiopia. It uses a very interesting writing system that is largely syllabic. This writing system is known as Fidel. The language called Amharic in English is the same language as Amarinia, which is the Amharic name of the language. I have already begun to make some lessons in Amharic in LingQ, using the slot of another language. Fidel works perfectly well in LingQ, though not yet on this computer (a Mac).

I have used old schoolbooks and am writing some more lessons with the help of my language teacher. He is very enthusiastic about the program and has taken the step of enroling at the the basic level. In this country the cost of paying for LingQ is far too high for most people, but hopefully the school where I teach will eventually buy a site subscription.

By the way, how does this work?

@rae68 - If your school is interested, we will give a group discount based on the number of users. Your school would contact us at support and we would work out an arrangement.

So, Alex, you have the green light to remove Amarinia from the Facebook beta language poll! :slight_smile: