American History Series in VOA Special English,

This collection begins with #2, is there a part 1 somewhere or is it a mistake in the numbering? I haven’t read this text yet, I just wonder…


One day we will have our editing committees for different languages. It is not possible for us to control all the content that is contributed to the library. I hope the person who contributed this is reading the forum.

I understand, Steve.
I hope too that part 1 is added to the collection created at LingQ.

As I have more time this morning to check, I found part 1 on VOA so I am able to listen to this part first :slight_smile:
The American history seems to begin from part 2. Nevertheless, part 1 is not uninteresting…

If we do not have part 1, it would be great if you could add it to the Library.

I noticed that 3 new parts have been added today. Can’t you find who created this collection and ask to add #1 ?

It’s me. I created this collection yesterday. I skipped part 1, because part 1 is a introduction of this series. OK, I’ll add #1 soon.

As a matter of fact, this is my first shared items since I joined the LingQ in 2007. I understand it takes time and some work, but it’s fun. Thank you everyone to post many interesting items in the LingQ library. I sometimes imported my favorite text and audio in LingQ and use them privately, because of its copyright.

I prefer to listen to normal speed radio programs to slow VOA Special English. However I realize that this American history series is fun to listened to, even if they speak slowly. I didn’t know much about American history.

I hope you also enjoy the series.

I have just added #1 of this collection.
Hope you like it.

Hi Naobo, they are your first items that you share and they’re great! Thanks. When I looked for part 1 this morning, I read that it is an introductory but it is not uninsteresting to know about. If you had changed the numbering, I would not even noticed that one part was missing since the US history begins from part 2 :slight_smile: I like history, and appreciate that you share these items. I studied this country history, but I am going to study it again with pleasure. In addition, it’s good to be able to listen to it this time…

Sorry, I mispelled your name. Hi Nobuo :slight_smile: