Amazon .kfx files driving me CRAZEEEE. Please help!

Im ttrying to read more Italian books from Amazon in Lingq instead of Kindle. Some months ago I successfully converted a Kindle book with Calibre but that was before Kindle started using .kfx. From what I’ve read on the internet, it is possible to convert a new Kindle file but everything I find and try leads to no success. So I’m asking my fellow Lingq-ians:

  1. Do you have a clear 1, 2, 3 . . . step method of converting a .kfx file to something Lingq can handle? A method that you know works?

  2. do you know of other e-book formats that can be converted? For example, if I were to buy a copy of L’amica geniale from another vendor than Amazon, would I be able to read it in Lingq?

Update: I’ve bought another copy of the book from KOBO and downloaded it to my computer as an epub book. Is there anyway I can get this copy into Lingq?

Have you tried using Calibre? It’s a desktop-based ebook manager that also contains a built-in reader. I’m not 100% certain this works, but from memory, I think you could open the .epub in Calibre, and then copy+paste the text into LingQ as a new lesson. This should apply to any type of mobile text file, e.g. .mobi, .epub etc.

Let me know how you get on!

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Kobo ebooks are DRM protected. Calibre doesn’t accept DRM protected files. But I think it is possible to add a plugin to your Calibre with which you can eliminate the DRM.

I think this is possible too, but so far I haven’t been able to manage to do it.

Try google: plugin calibre drm

I’m moving along in this process but have gotten well and truly stuck. Here are the instrux for installing the DeDRM plugin:

Install Callibre
Click Preferences in the navigation bar.
Click Plugins in lower left corner
Click get new plugins and search for the plugin you want to install, then click install.
If you can’t find the plugin in Calibre’s plugin library, then you need to download the plugin yourself. For example, DeDRM is a popular plug that is not listed in the plugins library that you need to load yourself.
When you have downloaded and unzipped the plugin file, go back to the Step 4 screen [plugins library}.

I’ve gotten through all these steps just fine. The PROBLEM is with the next step:

  1. “Click the load plugins from file button.” I absolutely CANNOT FIND THIS BUTTON anywhere in the Calibre program nor can I find any information on where to find it.

Rainbows and unicorns will rain down gently on anyone who can help me with this!

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I click on preferences, then on Plugins, then in the lower right corner you have a “button” which in Dutch bears the mention “Plug-in uit bestand laden” which in English is something like “load plugin from file”.