Am I Ready For A Tutor?

How do I know when I’m ready to get a language partner or tutor here on LingQ?

I’ve been studying French on and off for a year now and I’ve accumulated 1100 known words on LingQ (I definitely don’t know all of these).

But I don’t feel like I can talk or write well, in fact any time I try to talk I realise I don’t know enough words or people don’t know what I’m saying, does this suggest that I’m not ready?



I can’t speak for French but after studying Japanese for three months on LingQ input-only, I went and found a tutor (on a different site).

We were, and still are, having conversations all in Japanese for an hour at a time.

At the start, I had accumulated about 1,000+ words on LingQ also.

You probably know more than you think!

That said, I only have conversations an hour a week. So, unless you really, really want to start speaking, there’s no hurry.

I would recommend to just start speaking when you feel like it.

It doesn’t sound like it. However, I started long before I was ready and I’m rather glad I did now. My spoken French is still pretty bad but I’ve absolutely no fear in using it. Plus, I found the little successes I had in speaking really helped keep me motivated.