Am I on the right track?

I’ve been studying English since 2002, and I enjoyed learning most of time. In 2006 I decided to enter university and study English language academically which I regretted I’d done. My English hadn’t improved until I found LingQ. I really benefit from this website. The simple and main concept of lingQ system is " reading a lot, listening more, don’t always focus on grammar rules. Just do it in the natural way.
I’m reading a number of books these days. Listening more than two hours a day. Doing my best to write at least 100 words a week.
Am I on the right track? Did I get it?


You are on the right track but try to speak, record for yourself one of the following in English :-

  1. Your daily planes and ideas
  2. Summarize lectures, news, movies, songs, videos…etc
    3.Describe events or things that are happening to you
  3. Describe what you see !
    So your next step is do not watch or listen to English without a recorder in your hands because you are at the " unleash the desire" state !

Thank you, bro

I cannot see you are not on the right truck Sinbad. Knowing 22740 Lings seem to be quiet a lot, and I do not think you cannot read almost anything you have your hand on in English now, or may be listen too! I would also advise that you do more of speaking via Paltalk or whatever app, and continue using Lingq. In addition, it might also be a time to start learning another new language if you are into languages, which can definitely open a whole another world and opportunities to you.

Best wishes!

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thank you for these beautiful words, I really appreciate it… I’m thinking of refreshing my Italian…