Am I Missing From the Speak and Write Pages?

I was sent an email by someone I speak to very often, and she said she couldn’t see my schedule on the Speak page. Is this true? Please check on this, Mark.


OK, I think I found the problem. I checked my Settings page, and for some reason it was not checked that I host discussions or correct writings. I don’t know how that happened, but I hopefully fixed it. Please let me know since I can’t see myself on these pages.

I can see your slot on the forth page of SPEAK. Too many tutors!

You are on the list of correctors.

As Mark has already explained here, introducing more filters, and improving the Speak page is a priority item on our todo list.

Thanks. Yutaka, I’m on the fourth page…really? Isn’t the Speak page getting a little cumbersome for people?

Yes, your slot is on the foUrth page.