Am I Making LingQs For Myself or Others?

I’m new to LingQ (kind of new),
I just signed up!

I tried to make a LingQ, but was unable to put in the entire word because of how the word was divided in the lesson. I don’t want to mislead others into thinking this “partial” word is the actual word. Any suggestions?


Hi Maitee,

When you create a LingQ, and create your own hint for it, it is available for others to choose in the future. The 3 most popular user hints appear in the blue popup. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by partial word. You are able to edit the Hint field anytime by clicking on the Edit link on the popup that opens for yellow highlighted words. If you are referring to the word you have LingQed, people will only see your hint if they link the exact same word or phrase as you have. Feel free to make any notes you like in the Hint field. It is there for you first and foremost. Also, if you are referring to a word that is split in two, you can try and put the whole sentence in the Phrase field to help you review it.

In either case, don’t worry about it! :wink: Just enjoy LingQing words.

Thank-you for the quick reply, Mark. Yes, I was referring to a Japanese word that was divided into Hiragana. I’ll try your hint.

Good site.