Am I Importing Lessons Incorrectly?

I’ve been importing lessons, but when LingQs from those lessons show up in my SRS review, there is a formatting problem.

Here, I’ve imported a list of sentences numbered 1 through 10.

During the review, a LingQ from sentence #2 comes up, but it is preceded by the translation of #1 and followed by the pronunciations of all the words in #2.
Not only is this confusing and awkward-looking, but those pronunciations actually give the answer away.

It would make more sense to show only the sentence as it appears in the lesson, without all the other nonsense. This happens with most LingQs from lessons imported by me, and not from any other lessons.

Is this problem caused by the way I’m importing lessons? Is there something I could do differently? Or is this some other type of glitch?

Were you importing those lessons manually? If you check the Edit Lesson page, are the sentences split properly there?

Yes they were imported manually by copying and pasting. I also copied and pasted the translation. The sentences seem to be split properly in the Edit Lesson page.