Am I allowed to post a link to a charity page here?

Hey I’m trying to raise money for Oxfam France through Alvarum (a French organisation which collects funds on behalf of various charities) by running the Paris half marathon. Am I allowed to post a link to my Alvarum page here and ask for donations from my fellow Lingqers?

They had a Movember donation link in November, so I hope they allow it!

By the way, what’s it like to speak a second language while running a marathon? I think you’re taking Steve’s recent video about language learning being an endurance activity a little too litterally :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha ha, I must watch that video. All I can say about speaking a second language is that: it’s great! Marathon or no marathon. That said I have been exercising every day since early December and have come to the conclusion that exercise is a big help in language learning. I have found that regular exercise affects my language learning in the following ways:

  • I have more energy when I study and focus better and more effectively.
  • If I am doing a very long study session I can break it up with exercise. This ensures that the session does not become tedious and also gives me a big energy boost going into the second part of the session.
  • I can listen to content while running.
  • I sleep better and can get up earlier. Which allows me more time to study and to start earlier.
  • Stress and burnout does not occur because I de-stress during workouts and runs.

I’d like to hear other peoples thoughts on how exercise affects language learning.


I´ve made the same experience. Abstaining from alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, energy drinks and junk food seem to help as well.

In my experience, excercising and eating healthily will have a possitive effect on any learning you do for reasons Monsieur Bonne already discussed. You sleep better, you are more awake, you think more clearly, etc. etc. I think one needs to be a bit careful though. I played Ultimate Frisbee seriously while I was at university. This is a very physically demanding sport, and after a tough training, I would be dead for the rest of the day. I could barely concentrate on studying.

Anyway, I think you are allowed to post links to charity pages. I see no reason why not. You have posted here 62 times now, so you are clearly not a spammer. The high overlords of LingQ (Mark, Alex, Galina, and Steve) should not object.

@Bonnenouvellejonny - Sure, feel free to post your link here :slight_smile: