Always display dictionaries

This may have been suggested before, so forgive me in that case, but I’d like to suggest that there should be an option to always display the popup dictionary as fixed part of the gui, so I can see the dictionary suggestion when clicking on a word, as the user defined ones are half of the time complete nonsense and the current setup as a pop-up window is very inconvenient. Maybe even several dictionaries and a dedicated space for machine translation (Google Translate or similar) would be nice. Half of the screen isn’t used currently anyways, so space isn’t an issue :wink:

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Totally agree. I believe the dictionary should open in the widget at least as the current pop up arrangement is unnerving at best.


Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll see what can be done.


Yes, another terrible LingQ UI design.

I just want the dictionaries.