Alternative to Skype

I’d suggest using:

I’ve been using this VoIP program for years. You can call someone on their landline phones (in approx. 45 countries) nearly for free. It costs €10 for 120 days!
Considering the fact, that you can speak unlimited it’s close to free, in contrast to
SkypeOut where you pay pro minute (out of Pro).

Tutors can use this program if somebody has computer or online challenge.

I guess somebody is using this (or similar) program either. e.g or others.

Interesting…anyone else use VoIP for calls to landlines?

I do use skype for landline calls a lot. In fact, I don’t have a landline at home, I have only a cell phone and skype, but almost never use the cell phone. I pay about U$12 (with taxes) to call up to 400 minutes to any landline in Brazil.