Alternative media in all languages

Hey guys, I am looking for some new sources to import from. I am looking for magazines, newspapers or blogs, preferably not any mainstream-media. The languages I am currently looking for are Spanish, French, Dutch and Portuguese, but any language will actually be appreciated.
I hope you guys can give me some suggestions on where I might go looking for interesting content and real news. Thanks already for any suggestions!

Before I started focusing exclusively on Italian, and was reading a fair amount of Spanish materials, I found to be a useful alternative news source. Left-leaning, very critical of Rajoy and company.

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En français, is a punchy, web-only news source that has had a few major scoops in the last year or so. To such an extent that it’s almost turned into a new mainstream media outlet. I don’t read it, but I have friends that swear by it.

euronews (en français) - YouTube Euronews French Youtube Channel.
euronews (en español) - YouTube Euronews Spanish Youtube Channel.
Euronews em PortuguĂŞs - YouTube Euronews Portuguese Youtube Channel.

You can watch or listen to their videos, while reading the transcript in the description box of the video’s page.

Do you know any good stuff in German?

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European or Brazilian Portuguese?

What about this? is good and spunky. The newspaper of alternative Deutschland.

Euronews is great, but it would be difficult to find anything more mainstream. :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much gregf!

Thanks Ozzy, but I agree with gregf, this is a bit too mainstream :slight_smile:

compact-magazin, kenfm (youtube),,, … There’s so many out there. I really like and too.

Thanks Julio!

Most of what I listen to is Brazilian, but I think I’m far enough along to go either way without getting confused…

Since I am dutch I will just put some site’s in here that I use for myself.

I dunno maybe it’s a little bit mainstream but it might help you out.

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Thanks niek, I’ll be sure to check those out.

Thanks. I’ll look into this stuff.


"Ăśber uns

Wir sind MĂĽtter und GroĂźmĂĽtter.

Wir sind Frauen und Ehefrauen.

Wir haben vieles gemeinsam."

Hmm. Maybe I’ll skip this one.

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If you’d only look deep enough, you’d find something in common, I am sure. Just don’t give up!