Altered lingqs messing up

This problem has been going on for months.

  1. I have a word ALREADY LINGQED.
  2. I am not happy with the lingq and want to change it.
  3. I change the translation or add new translations.
  4. I leave the lingq I have just changed and go to a new word.

When I go back to the original word:

  1. The new definitions are messed up, some have been randomly omitted or several different definition columns have been garbled together into a single column.
  2. The lingq is now a complete mess and I have to redo it.

This is a particular problem with words that have many meanings, since the more columns I add the more messed up the lingq is when I move off and go back to it, and the more time I have to spend fixing it.

PLEASE fix this bug, I am sick to death of it. It does not occur all the time but often enough.

(I use google chrome)

Thank you

This happens to me all of the time-- especially if i have multiple layers of hints.

However, I have found a way around the problem. I open up Vocabulary on a separate page and edit them there-- works like a charm.


P.S. I thought it was just my computer but it happens on my new one as well (I use Chrome)

Just refresh the page (F5) after changing the LingQ and all will be well.

@Bonnenouvellejonny - Would you be able to include a couple of screenshots so we might better understand the issue? There are a few known issues, one of which pmilone links to in his post, so I want to confirm whether this is a known issue or whether it is something new.


Refreshing the page has not fixed the problem (when it occurs). So i always edit via the Vocabulary page (if there is more than one line of hints).


@mike I don’t have many LingQ’s with more than one line but the next time I come across one I’ll look out for this.
Luckily you found a work around.


It is never an issue when i initially LingQ. However, when i come across the word in another situation (and the definition doesn’t make sense-- because it has multiple meanings) I sometimes edit. Because of the issue I now only edit in the Vocabulary page.


@mike, I know what you mean and in fact I do this often which always confuses ‘Ling’. I’m used to hitting F5 immediately after I do it.

I don’t know how to do screen shots but I’ll have a look online and see if I can sort that out.

@Bonnenouvellejonny - you may want to use Jing for making screenshots, and then put a link here.