Allow a speed boost x 1.25 for audio

LingQ is great if you want to slow DOWN the audio from a podcast or YouTube video, but I’ve gotten to the point where I often want to speed it up. The problem is that the jump is too high. I can go from x1 speed to x1.5 and there’s nothing in between. x1.5 sounds pretty terrible and can be too fast. I would love it if I could boost it by 1.15 or 1.30. I hope this is something that can be implemented!


Also for me the same request… I saw a lot of people asking for that…possible that it is so difficult to implement?

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I would also like to see this added.

It shouldn’t be difficult as long as they didn’t set it up in a short-sighted way. It should just be a quick change, then testing to make sure it works right.

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