All of my data had gone!

Hello. All my (English) data dissapered suddenly. No imports and no vocabulary data exist on my page except an artcle I imported this morning. Can you check that out?

That’s strange. Are you sure that you haven’t deleted or reset English on the languages settings page?
If you still have this problem, please contact us on support(at) and we will solve it. Thanks

Yes, I still have the problem. I don’t think I have done anything at all. However, like you wrote, did I delete or reset by accident? If so, it’s a disaster!!! Oh, no! Do I have to start from scratch? I saved a lot of imported articles and vocabulary! Sigh😔

I had a panic like this recently too where I thought all my Spanish progress was gone. It turned out somehow my learning language was changed from Spanish to English and LingQ was showing me my statistics for English (which of course was 0 since I am not learning English). Might be something to double check that your language hasn’t changed?

English is not listed as a language he has any statistics for on his profile.

Thanks, willian.
Actually, I also doubted that. And hoped so.
But, no!
Seems like I have to start from zero.
Anyways, before that, I have to know where the reset button is just in case. I don‘t want to experience the same stuff anymore. It took more than ten years to make my disappeared database.

I just want to know is the RECOVERING is POSSIBLE or IMPOSSIBLE.
If it is impossible, I will give up and restart.
Maybe it’s a good thing to restart from scratch! :blush:

@Kenosaka We are looking into it and we will do our best to restore your data. I will keep you updated.

Hi Kenosaka,
Your English stats and progress should be restored now.

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Hi, zoran. Thanks for your effort. Some are back but not all. No imported articles I did before are back. As for vocabulary, all translations are still missing. And “the number of the words I know” and “imported articles” are after the initialization lately.

Anyway, I really appreciate your effort.

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