All my lessons are gone

I’m trying not to panic. Take deep breaths. It will be ok Julia.

All my lessons are gone. Poof

Please PLEASE I want my lessons back.

It is many hours invested in creating those lessons.

Where were you when you last saw them?

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Please check if you have selected the correct language. I remember that I had this feeling too in the past, but what a relieve when I figured out that I was in the wrong language slot. Another time when I thougt this I had opened my daughter’s account :wink:


Phew! That was it. Switched back to “Korean” for language and my Korean lessons reappeared.

Sorry. I really did go into panic mode at the thought that my lessons were gone.

I think it is because I curiously clicked on link one member had in her “about” description which led to an English lesson which must have switched the language to Englsih.

All better now. Go ahead, giggle. I slipped on the banana peel. Fell splat. It is funny.

Lesson learned: don’t panic !

LingQ has not been reassuringly stable lately. I have lost 3 lessons I created and imported this week. Admittedly, I jumped to worst case scenario when I saw all the lessons gone. I have been on the other side of the equation as tech support for decades. I have talked a lot of people off the ledge. So I understand how people can emotionally react at the thought of significant data loss.

It’s fine and natural to panic when these things happen, but just check with Vera first.

This thread makes me glad I back up my lessons on my own computer.