All my data and history has disappeared!

Has this happened to anyone else recently? I see some posts from 2018-19. As of two days ago, all of my data on lingq has disappeared, and I have been reset to beginner with no vocabulary saved and my place in my challenge is gone. I have sent two emails to support with no response. I am so discouraged by the situation as well as the total lack of support. Help, Anyone? And yes, I have signed out and signed into my account.

unfortunately it sounds like you’re going to need to wait on support, they answer faster here I think, through email it took a couple of weeks to get a reply

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When I was on my IOS LInQ last night that happened to me. All of a sudden I was at 0 with no known words, etc. like what you described. After thinking, “this is not a good thing” I closed the app on my phone and logged in on the web on my laptop and everything was back as it should be. So I have no good answer for you but It did happen to me too.

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Thank you. I’m so happy to hear that maybe it is a site problem! I did log out, hoping that it was just a weird glitch, but when I logged back in the site greeted me as if I had just joined. I am so discouraged, and have received no help so far from support, only an email asking me if I was sure the data was gone, which was quite condescending considering the audience they are speaking too. With luck, they will get back to me with some helpful assistance.

I had a similar problem with another language-learning platform. All my history suddenly disappeared. However, after an hour or two, all was restored. I use Google Chrome. I don’t know anything, but it appears not to be a problem directly related to LingQ itself.