All hail Lingq!

The sheer power of this method brings so much joy to me! I moved to Italy three months ago and have been stumbling around like a drunk trying to learn Italian. In the space of three months I tried Rosetta Stone, a two week language course and many other sinister, mindless language experiments.

Then came Lingq - the hand of God. I can safely say that what I have learned in two weeks on lingq is the equivalent of my three months staggering about. Granted, I have become addicted and roughly spend about 3 hours between listening, reading, using flashcards and speaking per day. My goal is to be able to read Thoreau’s “Walden” in Italian by the summer. Firstly because it is the greatest book I’ve ever had the pleasure to read and secondly, even as a native English speaker it was difficult for me and I had to digest it as " A cow digests the cud."

One question about “knowing words” when using the flashcards.

Italian to English is my first step. Then English to Italian is the next.
When do you all start trying the flashcards from your native language to your target language?

I have been proceeding like this:

  1. Italian => English 25 at a time
    2.Italian => English 25 at a time
    3.English => Italian 25 at a time
    4 English => Italian 50 at a time (when the word is in the “known” bank.

Nice to be part of this great community too!
All hail Lingq!!

@mcattack - Thanks for the nice compliments! We’re glad you like the site. If you put that kind of time in you will definitely achieve your goals!

How you use the flashcards is up to you. It is just another way of taking in and absorbing the vocabulary you are trying to learn. Personally, I never use the flashcards to go from my native to target language. I only use them the standard way. I prefer to spend less time on flashcards and hope to encounter the same words (yellow words) in new lessons I am studying.

@mcattack - Btw, you may find this recent thread on using flashcards of interest La Meilleure Façon D'Utiliser Les Cartes - Language Forum...

Thanks Mark! This software is incredible!