Alive after Hurricane Sandy

I live on Long Island, next to New York City, and just experienced the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. I saw, for instance, two 100-foot trees ripped out of the ground by the wind in my brother’s backyard. Quite a humbling and scary experience. How does this relate to language learning? It doesn’t, except that it made me realize (once again) that life is short and one must get off one’s ass and learn.

I often learn in bed.

Robert, we watched these scenes on TV and were just amazed at the power of nature, and the good nature of the people helping each other there. Glad to hear that you are safe and sound. The damage is just awful. And yet all will have to be rebuilt. I cannot imagine the sense of loss of people who lost their homes and possessions. Fortunately the loss of life was small.

I’m glad you’re fine. I hope everything gets well soon. I know how is that, I live in the Yucatan peninsula and I have experienced already two cat-5 hurricanes and I know the worst might come after the storm, but eventually all comes to normal once again, so a little of patience and solidarity with your neighbors is always welcome in these situations.
Good luck!

Thanks for your kind words. I am among the fortunate: I didn’t lose my home or sustain any injuries. The folks to the west of me, in parts of New York City and especially the state of New Jersey, were hit tremendously hard. Many homes were consumed by water and wind or went up in flames. I can’t fathom this.

Right now, the state is still dealing with mass power outages and general disruptions to business, school, etc. To top it off, we have gasoline shortages and long lines are starting to form at gas stations, making it even harder for people to get to work. But we’ll get through it.

@ rwargas22 :

In your opinion, how is this disaster going to affect the elections ?

@rwargas22: “…it made me realize (once again) that life is short…”

An important lesson.

When I was 18, I can remember thinking back to when I was 8 - and it seemed like a loooong time ago.

I figured that I would have as much time over again - and still only be 28. But of course it doesn’t work that way. When you’re 38 (never mind about 28!) you look back to being 18 and think: “huh!? Where did those 20 years just go?”

Has our good friend Jay_B left us (and without warning)? He’ll be missed…

Glad to hear that you and yours are well. Good luck to all.

@rwargas22: It looked unbelievably scary on the telly, can’t begin to imagine what it may have been like for you.

@peter: Let us hope he is simply undergoing another change of online persona. I’d miss him greatly as a dramatis personae.