Alguém pretende fazer o CELPE-Bras em 2021?

My Brazilian Portuguese teacher is creating a course to help those preparing for Brazil’s proficiency exam, the CELPE-Bras.

He wants to work with several students, each of whom will do a prior year’s exam. For each section of the exam, he’ll provide specific feedback and suggestions.

The deal is that students get professional instruction on how to improve their performance - at no cost - and he gets permission to include the recorded sessions in his course material.

I was the first student and we have recorded all but the final video. It has been a challenging and enriching experience personally, and when I take the CELPE in the future, I will feel way more prepared.

If anyone is interested in participating, please contact me. There is no private message system on LingQ that I know of, but you can post a private message on my profile with contact info.



Interesting, so I can study about that

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