Algorithms for weekly targets

What’s the algorithm for amount of “Known words” in weekly targets?
In new language all “Known words” are from “Lingqs learned”, are’nt they?
But for German I have in targets 35 “Lingqs learned” and 175 (!) “Known words”. OK, 10 words for names or contractions. But what are 175-35-10 = 130 words???
Please, clarify.

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Hi surgarh,
Known words aren’t only learned yellow words (LingQs) which you move to status known. Known words are also blue words which you mark as known while going through lesson.
I checked your profile and looks like in last 7 days you have 140 known words (123 LingQs learned + 17 blue words marked as known).
175 Known words are weekly recommended targets, not your results.

Sure, that was the question. How you calculate these numbers? What’s the algorithm?
The system recommends me to have 175 known words, but only 35 from learned LingQs.
For new language the proportion 35 learned + 140 “from blue to known” seems very strange, isn’t it?
As you’ve highlighted my proportion is the opposite one: 123 learned + 17 blue-to-known. For me it’s more natural.
That’s why the question arised. From where are these “recommended” numbers?

And generally - what’s behind the idea of targets “blue-to-known”??

Hi surgarh,
Not all learners at LingQ are beginners and many users actually do move blue words to known without making them LingQs first. It’s totally up to you to learn on the way which works best for you. If you prefer to make all blue words LingQs first and them learning them and making them known, that’s great too.