Alexa ranking dropping

LingQ has dropped below 52 000 - is this good news?

The lower the alexa rank the better. That means we are the 52,000th most popular site on the web in their opinion. Of course, they measure popularity using data gathered through their alexa browser addon. So the more of our visitors who have that addon the better our ranking.

“The lower the alexa rank the better.”


He means the closer the number is to 1 the better.

Below 51 000 now. This is getting exciting!

@mark Is that “addon” you are talking about the toolbar one can download?

Yes, our alexa score is dropping and if you click through to the Alexa site and look at the stats you will see that our trend is downwards. The last 7 days shows a traffic rank of 27,000. The 51,000 number is a 3-month average. So, if you would like to help us get lower, install the browser add on or toolbar, they have both. This will then help bring the rank down further.

Is it just creative accounting or is LingQ really getting more traffic?

Our traffic has been slowly increasing over time but it is certainly not as dramatic as indicated by this ranking. It’s really only a rough approximation and that is why even a few new people installing the toolbar and visiting the site regularly can have a significant effect on Alexa rank.