Alexa Rank

It was pointed out to us recently that LingQ’s Alexa rank, Amazon Alexa, wasn’t great so Steve and I installed the Alexa toolbar, Amazon Alexa, which is what Alexa uses to calculate it’s page rank. This toolbar basically tracks the sites you visit and comes up with an approximated traffic rank based on how many people with the Alexa toolbar visit different sites on the web.

It seems as though, just with the two of us having this addon installed, our Alexa rank has dramatically improved in the past few weeks. I don’t know how much impact having a high Alexa rank has, some of you may know better. There seem to be conflicting schools of thought out there on this. At any rate, improving our Alexa rank will certainly not hurt LingQ! :wink:

If any of you are willing to install the Alexa toolbar/FF addon, we would be grateful. I hardly notice it in the bottom right corner of my browser window. You never know…it could help!

I have just installed the toolbar. It gives us the information about the site I am visiting.

“I am visiting” should read “we are visiting.”

That’s right. It shows the Alexa rank for all the sites you visit. It seems to show the 3 month rank by default although if you right click on it you can go to the site and see more detailed information.

Who actually goes to Alexa to find websites?

Just trying to work out the usefulness of it. I’m thinking that it doesn’t give a whole lot of publicity, that’s all.

I do. I like to know which language sites are hot.

Or not.

Maybe I’m in the minority. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I do know that some people and websites rate other sites on the basis of their Alexa and Compete rankings. Others read these rankings and place some weight to them. How much this translates into more publicity and traffic? I don’t know but it can’t hurt.

I guess not. Even reaching one more person is a good thing.

I don’t go there to find websites, I go there to see how certain websites are doing. I checked the stats on several sites before I joined here (over a period of months). I followed Steve’s blog for a year before I joined here and yes, I checked the stats for The Linguist. It was moving up while other language sites had been plunging in popularity (or seemed to be).

“It was moving up while other language sites had been plunging in popularity…”
I hope LingQ is establishing a foothold.

Another one of these sites that monitor and assess traffic rank is Compete ( I notice that we have quite a poor rank there and that their statistics are not accurate at all. I have just installed the Compete toolbar/browser addon for Firefox. It would be great if some of you could also install it. It installs a toolbar and an indicator in the bottom right hand corner of the FF browser window. It appears right beside my Alexa rank information. I have unticked and hidden the toolbar in View > Toolbars so I don’t have to look at the toolbar as well. Hopefully, if a few of us have this addon, our ranking and appropriate traffic stats will increase next month when they update their rankings.

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for the help!

Has it made a difference for’s rating? I’m still dithering, you see.

Our Alexa rank is much, much better since we started this thread. It has gone from something like 300,000 to 48,000. Honestly, once it is installed it is completely unnoticeable. As long as you turn off the tool bar and just show it in the browser frame at the bottom right of your Firefox.

Our Compete ranking on the other hand, is still quite poor.

Ok, let’s see whether at least one more makes a difference. I have installed (and hidden) it straightaway.