Ajuda por favor

Tenho um aluno que quer falar commigo en Portugues. Eu não falo Portugues muito bem. Quero saber si alguna pessoa pode ajudar me e participar em a conversacão. Voce pode ganar 1000 puntos. A hora da conversacão e amanhã, 9 di manhã, Pacific Time (Vancouver).

Por favor indica aqui, o mandarme um email si pode participar, com su nome Skype. Disculpe de mis erros de Portugues.


If we don’t get any responses here, my partner Sidnei can join the call with us. He’s Brazilian and speaks English as well as Spanish.

Our downfall is that we quickly both fall back to English after stumbling around in Portuguese for a while, though I’m sure we can overcome that for our 30 minute session :slight_smile:

Don’t let me discourage anyone though… if someone signed up to do this with you outside this forum, or wants to offer assistance now, that’s great.



It would be great if your partner joins us. What is his skypename?

So far only one person has volunteered. She is not a native speaker but does speak Portuguese. The choice is yours. We can try to talk just the two of us, but my Portuguese is quite limited, it is not one of the languages I claim to speak. But the main purpose would be to try to explain the site. Otherwise we can include your partner and the other volunteer and talk for longer. I recommend the latter. Please advise what you would like.


He’ll be at the same computer with me. I certainly prefer to work on Portuguese as well (as opposed to site-use).

Your volunteer is welcome, and I appreciate you going the extra mile to make this successful.

On an unrelated note, anapaula’s course:

lists a duration of 3 months, but then specifies the dates as February 05 - February 26. Is that a 4 week or 3 month course?



HI, Eric, this is a little outdated, maybe, but the answer is that this is a 4 weeks course. I guess all of them are going to last 4 weeks from now on.

Caro Steve,
Eu sou Sidnei Rodrigues, sou Brasileiro e resido no Brazil, se você quiser posso te ajudar, meu e-mail é py6sid@globo.com
Fica com Deus e aguardo seu contato, pois quero também aprender inglês, pois meu conhecimento em inglês é muito basico e se você puder me ajudar eu também te ajudo com o português.
Sidnei Rodrigues


I am from Brazil and I would like to help you. Unhappily I just noticed your message too late. But if you need any help in the future just let me know.



Eu sou do Brasil e também me disponho a ajudar quem quiser aprender português. Meu Skype é ale-sp-78.


nao sou do brasil nem portugal mais morai no paraguay e tinha muito amigos brasileiros por isso falou un poquinho portugues , posso tambem participar?
meu Skype miamor.adam


Sou brasileira e se quizer eu posso ajudar.
msn: cinthiagabriella_1@hotmail.com