"Ailem" Turkish writing excercise about my family

I wrote a little essay about my family members (= living in different places far away from each other in Germany) and I now regret that I did it.

I wrote that I am a bachelor and my father lives in Germany. Ozne corrected:

“Ben bekarim ve ailem ile birlikte yasiyorum.” This is completely wrong because at age 19 I left my parents’ home and I have been living on my own in my own flat for 32 years now. (I am 51 years old). I wouldn’t want to live together with famliy members.


I can’t express myself so well in Turkish and my homework shows that I have rather serious grammar problems with the cases and posessive postpositions of nouns. So it’s a bit risky to write about a personal topic. I would rather don’t want to do this anymore and only write fictive sentences about some people I invent.


I have to study corrections in detail, the grammar problems are serious, as I see it already. I would have to study that using my Turkish textbooks, but perhaps I can’t do this because I have to keep up with my Danish course at the Folk High School. So I don’t yet know whether it will be possible for me to revise essential topics of Turkish grammar right now during the semesters of my Danish course. It would be better to postpone this to next year’s summer holidays (when my Danish course makes a pause).


Firstly, I explained that your sentence was wrong and unnatural in Turkish as you accepted that you have grammar mistakes in Turkish. Your sentence was in a state that it was confusing and even native speaker won’t be able to understand it. So, that was what I understood out of that sentence(as a possibility), and I wrote " I HOPE YOU MEANT THAT!". (Sometimes, I don’t correct the sentence, and ask to write in English.)

I love how people blame other things, for example ‘‘cultural misunderstandings’’, instead of trying to understand what’s wrong in their situation. Istanbul and most of the Turkish culture is developed enough to understand the line between being conservative and being modern like not only Germany but like rest of the world.

As I am the only active Turkish tutor on LingQ who was trying to help learners and explained the corrections in almost an A4 size paper, I am returning your 245 points back:)), after you made this grammar mistake into cultural differences. My aim at tutoring at Ling was just to help people learn Turkish, not to deal with judgemental forum notes. I regret correcting that writing, and I am not willing to correct writings anymore that nobody appreciates or supports.

Ben bekarım ve ailem var.
It means - I am single and have a family . (NOT) I am a bachelor and my father lives in Germany.

as you already know.

This is my explanation;

// Bu şekilde kullanmanız yanlış. Doğal değil. -Ailem var- demeyiz. Öyle ya da böyle herkesin bir ailesi var çünkü. Umarım bunu söylemek istemişsinizdir (I HOPE YOU MEANT THAT)-ailemle yaşıyorum/ailem ile birlikte yaşıyorum-( I’m living with my parents)

How could I know this beforehand ; "This is completely wrong because at age 19 I left my parents’ home and I have been living on my own in my own flat for 32 years now. (I am 51 years old). I wouldn’t want to live together with famliy members. " How could I know your age, your situation, your etc… YOU COULD SAY : Ozne, you understood me wrongly and I’m sending this sentence in English to your wall.

I have edited the passages about the “cultural misunderstandings”. It’s not your first correction I received from you and I very much appreciate the didactical quality and explanations of your corrections. So my opinion is positive!

It wasn’t such a good idea to write about my family. I have studied Turkish for several years then stopped with it because nobody would speak the language with me - therefore my language level has remained rather low, not higher than A1. It appears that my family constellation is more complex than I can express with an A1 - language level. Therefore my sentences “Ben bekarim ve ailem var. Babam Almanya’da oturuyor”. are not logical or natural, because I should have witten “Ben de Almanya’da yasiyorum.” It’s my low language level which produces such “crippled” sentences and they get misunderstood right away.

So it’s better for me to write about some neutral topics. This is what I have learned about that. Onze, you shouldn’t return the points back to me, because - besides the misunderstanding - the overall quality of your correction is good. So you deserve the 345 points for it. So please keep the points!

For future activities on LingQ I will not write about sensitive topics in any low-level languages. Lesson learned for me!


If you hadn’t edited your thread above, people might have understood why I’m responding this. I don’t believe in censorship, but I do believe in responsibility. We do have a responsibility for what we’re putting in the hands of other people. It’s not about your language level or etc.It’s all about your approach that you used.

Although Turkish is not very popular language on LingQ, I have honestly tried to help people here by providing many lessons, links to studies, and so on.
I’ve sent your point back since I’m doing this just for fun. It is entirely up to you to decide how much you want to write.

  • I still get so grateful and happy every time a person writes about their positive feedback about my lessons.