After using dictionary I lose my place in the text

I’m importing a book into LingQ so many chapters are quite long. When I’ve finished searching for a word and entering in definitions, it takes me back to the top of the lesson. Therefore, I have to scroll down and find my place again.
Is there a simple way to navigate to where you are up to in a lesson?

I’ve noticed this has been happening recently.

Note: I typically work with QuickLingQ mode off

Would you be able to take a screencast of this issue occurring? You can use something like Jing (Screen Capture Software | Snagit | TechSmith) to do this. I have a hunch as to what might be causing it, and a screencast would help greatly in either confirming or denying this, and would also help in explaining the issue to our development team.

Hi Alex, that sounds like too much hard work for me:-)

The simple problem is that when I click on Check Dictionary and type in a hint or tip and hit enter to save it, I return to the top of the lesson. So then I need to scroll all the way down and find where I was up to. It gets very annoying after a while and wastes a lot of time.

Not to worry :slight_smile: Another member experiencing the same issue was able to send over a screencast, so hopefully we’ll be able to track this one down better now. I’ll be in touch should we need any other information!

Thanks Alex.

Not sure whether this was always possible or it’s a fix but all I need to do is select anywhere in the text and hit the left arrow key and it returns me where I am up to in the text. So no further problems for me in relation to this.
Cheers, Max

OK! Would you let us know which dictionary you are using on the site? Would you try some other dictionaries to see if these have the same problem?