After update, website unusable on Android

After the recent site update, the website is unusable on Android. Pop-ups are all over the place. Please fix it.

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Same on Windows Phone 7.8. First there is a huge pop-up that the browser is not compatible and I should upgrade. I had the same information in the last version but I was able to browse the forum. Now the forum looks strange. First come all the forums and the most recent threads are below the forums. The layout is horrible. I haven’t used the phone to work on LingQ but I’ve read on the forumwith my phone.

On the start page (Login - LingQ) there is a huge pop-up about the browser and a welcome pop-up. I cannot close them. It is not possible to shrink the site which is no problem on any other website I use on my phone.

I have no problems with other websites. I don’t know what LingQ makes so special that it doesn’t work.

@maunobrau, vera - Thanks for letting us know. We will get to these issues as soon as we can. We do know there are issues on all phone displays.

FYI: I checked the site on 10" android. It was fine today with such big screen. But it was terrible on 3.7" android smartphone yesterday.

I have checked on a Kindle Fire and Note II. It is horrible on both. It would be much better if the website were just a simpler design. It seems to be that design is trying to be fancy with laying out a UI that conforms to the screen size. This doesn’t work well on a phone.

This would be fine if the Android app had more functionality, but the design of the app seems to be supplemental only; you can only use the app for review, not study.

If I can’t use this website on my phone, I will be cancelling my subscription. I like the overall idea and I like the implementation on a computer, but it is unacceptable on a mobile device. That would have been fine 10 years ago. In current times, this is unacceptable.

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@maunbrau - Thanks for your comments. The new design has not yet been optimized for the mobile experience, but this is something we hope to get to very soon as Mark mentions above. Our priorities thus far have been fixing some of the major issues that popped up with our new update, none of which appeared during our testing. That being said, a mobile-friendly site is in many ways a short term solution, so we’re also focusing our efforts on significantly enhancing the mobile apps to include all new functionality and allow the app to even replace the site for those who prefer to use mobile devices when accessing the site. Thank you for your patience!

@alex - if the Android app had full functionality, then I wouldn’t even bother with the website. I would agree that focusing on the native app is a better long-term strategy, but it is currently hamstrung in significant ways.

The playlist is great; I can listen to lessons in my car. Lesson review is OK; I can read, and I can see my LingQs, but I cannot add new lessons, and I cannot edit/modify/add to my LingQs. Lingqs are OK; I can do flashcards on my Daily LingQs, but I cannot do a full review of my LingQs.

While I might have your ear a bit more. LingQs seem like a great idea, but the usage is very confusing to me. As I’m poking around in lessons I want to read, I’m acquiring significantly more LingQs per day than 25, yet my daily LingQs are limited to 25. LingQs don’t seem to follow a full SRS methodology either, so I’m somewhat befuddled as to what the expected study modality is supposed to be in order to avoid having a large glut of unlearned LingQs. If this is spelled out in the help or FAQs, I haven’t found it.

Overall, as I have stated, I am please with the ideas behind LingQ, but I just don’t sit and use a personal computer that much anymore except for work, and I suspect that many people out there are tending towards similar habits. For LingQ to be more than a passing fancy to me, the mobile experience needs to be complete in some way (website, mobile app, or combo). I will hold on a bit longer and wait for next updates, but I am still on the bubble…

@maunobrau - We hope to address many of the issues you raise with our new mobile apps. Things are well under way, but some major changes are required so things unfortunately won’t happen overnight.

Regarding LingQs of the Day, you can adjust the number of words that show up by going to the Settings page ( By default it is limited to 25, but you can increase this up to 200. Here’s a brief explanation of the SRS: Vocabulary Help
Here is a full explanation of the SRS:

While the apps are still in development we will be sure to focus some attention on the mobile compatibility of the site!

@maunobrau - One other thing to keep in mind is that a backlog of unlearned LingQs is just fine. At the core of our system we feel you should be creating more LingQs than you are learning, especially initially when all words are new. Do some review but don’t try to learn all your LingQs. You will encounter these words in context as you continue, you will see them in yellow and they will be learned naturally over time rather than spending hours trying to nail stuff down which is not that efficient. Review them quickly and move on. Expose yourself to a lot of content and the important vocab will reappear often enough.

@LingQ Administrators - I really hope the Android app gets more attention in the future. I don’t think it has been updated in some time now and it is still far from perfect. I got excited the last time it was updated because it was the first time that all the major features for the app worked for me (lesson page and flashcards) and updates seemed to be coming on a regular basis. Unfortunately the updates have dried up since then.

While the lesson page loads properly now, longer lessons can take several minutes to load. It can sometimes take minutes to load even the lesson list. This really hurts the experience and I do believe it is a bug because I don’t experience these loading times if I browse the website on the same device. My tablet is a bit older (Galaxy Tab 2 7.0) but my phone is a newer model (Galaxy S4). Both devices experience the same loading time issue.

Also, it would be nice if the synchronization of the status of a LingQ had some sort of error checking… I get the strong impression that none exists. If my network connection is spotty while flashcarding, lets say while in a moving vehicle, chances are I’ll find only a portion of the flashcards have their status updated when visiting the website later. The same applies when updating a LingQ status on the lesson page. It doesn’t matter if my network connection was restored before finishing the flashcards or lesson.

There are other issues with the app but those two are the ones that keep me from using the app on a more regular basis.

@cgreen0038 - I mentioned somewhere on another thread something to this effect - the current apps have not received many updates (you can see the iOS release history and notice the same) as we have decided to dedicate our efforts to the new versions. The existing versions are stable and instead of polishing the existing versions we’re looking to replace them. We adopt the same approach with the site in some cases, where we won’t spend time fixing or improving a certain feature if we’re already working on something that will replace it or render it unnecessary. While it means we may go a bit longer between releases, it also means that we’re able to get the newer versions out more quickly. We’re sure you’ll find the new version of the apps to be worth the wait once all the dust has settled :slight_smile:

@alex - I wasn’t aware that a new app was in development. I look forward to it. The mobile environment for LingQ (app or otherwise) just isn’t up to the same quality as the desktop environment. Hopefully I don’t have to wait too long, I can be impatient. ^^

I agree with cgreen on the Android app performance. In fact, I would go further and say that the ‘Fetching Text’ lag time renders the app unusable. The only texts which I can actually access via the tablet (new Asus) are very short, only a couple paragraphs.