After update, app unusable on Iphone

after update, app unusable on Iphone

Sorry about this. We are working to improve the experience on the iPhone. Please give us a little more time. We are also working on improving the iOS app for LingQ.

@mark, I don’t know if that happen with you, but when I squeeze to hear the word on the flash card, the touch is awful, and instead of playing it flips the card. I get really angry about it.
Android ok ?

@DaanBR - Is this while using the mobile application or while accessing the site via Safari?

@alex - Mobile applicantion. If you can fix that would be geat.

@DaanBR - I checked the app and don’t seem to be having any issues with the text-to-speech icon. If I push it the audio seems to be working properly.

Is anyone else having this issue with audio on the flashcards?