Advice on how to go about using LingQ?

What I need to know is, How many lessons at once do most people do here? Do you focus on one lesson at a time, or work on several simultaneously? I’m kinda confused on this because If your supposed to do one at a time until you feel like moving on, would that mean that when the Steve says to listen to the audio from the lesson for hours a day, that we should listen to the same short audio recording from 1 lesson over and over all day? I can see listening to a bunch of different lessons all day, but just one seems like something that would drive me crazy after a while.

any additional advice on how any of you go about using lingQ would be appreciated, I’m still a bit of a noob. :slight_smile:

If you get bored listening to the same lesson, by all means choose another one, and another, and another…The idea is to use LingQ in a way that you enjoy. As long as you are listening and figuring out more or less what is being said, you will learn.

For a language at which I am a beginner, I like to choose my next lesson based on the number or percent of new words it contains.

Thanks, I’m used to using so much structure in my learning, so maybe I’m just thinking too much about it. :smiley:


If you enjoy what you are listening to and reading you will learn. Review your words from time to time using Flash Cards, the cloze tests, or even the lists in the Vocabulary section. You may find it useful to create Tags for your LingQs and then review them together.

Here’s a weird tip that I find works:

If you are getting fed up, tired easily, feeling like you are too stupid to learn, try doing something different and HARDER. The chances are you were just getting bored :wink: