Advertising on YouTube: Please vote for the videos

I saw that one of my new videos is placed on the first site of the search of YouTube if you search for “Sprachenlernen”, the German word for “Learning languages”. This is an important search word (key word). I think this could be a pretty good chance to attract new members on LingQ. Please can you vote for this video - if you like it :slight_smile: - and put some comments in? I think to push the videos is worth a trial. Thank you.

Here is the Link to my channel: LingQVera - YouTube

I like both videos so you got two fives:) However, i felt quite irritated cause i couldn’t understand everything, but these are the drawbacks of not using German for several years:) My last deutsch teacher was so discouraging I completely stopped learning…
So I hope many people will find lingQ and will be inspired by Steve and co.:smiley:

And btw it is quite easy to register in youtube, no more than few minutes is needed i guess.

SanneT youtube is free and registration takes like a minute.

Vera, the quality and stuff of your video are good enough compared to some others on YouTube. I’ve voted - 4-stars.

Thank you all for your help. I hope it attracts some users to LingQ. One Video is on Place 16 and the other video is on Place 24 in the relevanz list if you search for “Sprachenlernen”. That’s fine. If you search for “Sprachenlernen kostenlos” (Language learning free) they got place 1 and 2!

@TheSaligia: You find text and audio in the German library in the collection “Veras Corner” so you can study the text with LingQ.

Hi everyone, I recorded a third video for YouTube in German: Why I consider LingQ as a tool. I hope you like.

Sorry, wrong Link. Try this one: - YouTube

Cool videos, Vera! Keep it up!

I made some changes and uploaded the video again because YouTube considered it as a double of another video of mine. The new Link is: Ein Werkzeug zum Sprachenlernen - YouTube
or use LingQVera - YouTube to see all my videos.

Hi everyone, I recorded a fourth video for YouTube in German: Why it is paying off to create a lot of LinQs. I hope you like.

Hallo, ich habe ein viertes Video für YouTube in Deutsch aufgenommen: Warum es sich lohnt, viele LingQs zu erstellen. Ich hoffe, es gefällt Euch.

Link: Warum es sich lohnt, viele LingQs anzulegen - YouTube