Adroid application comments/suggestions

The android app is great, I’ve been using it almost exclusively for study because if I’m at my computer I’m generally working. I have some comments.

  1. I’m frequently without network access, so I’d like lessons cached client side so “offline mode” is less limited (only the one open lesson is available offline.)

  2. You probably know this but flashcard fronts are blank after flipping to the reverse and then back to side 1.

  3. When clicking a yellow linq the pop-up should be easier to dismiss. Instead of having to hit the little box with the X, just let me click anywhere outside the pop-up to dismiss it. Or anywhere inside the pop-up. It would be much quicker/easier.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the app, and thanks so much for the feedback!

We’re still working on some issues related to overall synchronization between the app and the site, specifically relating to the lesson list and the flashcards. These issues have actually proven to be quite complex, but we hope to have them fixed in the next version of the app. This would then hopefully resolve both issues 1 and 2 that you mention.

With regard to your third point, this is something that we’ve thought about improving and we may look at this in the future once the synchronization bugs are fixed :slight_smile: