Adolescent saga type book series in French and/or Italian

I recently discovered an adolescent fantasy saga in Portuguese called A Saga das Pedras Mágicas (The saga of the magic stones). There are eight books and I’m into the second one at the moment and loving reading them on LingQ. The books are set in the Viking period and feature wizards/witches, dragons and all that good stuff.

Link: Sandra Carvalho: A SAGA DAS PEDRAS MÁGICAS

I’ve also read about 20 books in Spanish by Laura Gallego, including her famous Memorias de Idhún trilogy. Many of her books also have fantasy / medieval type themes.


I find getting into book series like these is amazing for improvement (or at least for LingQ stats :P).

Can anyone recommend, or does anyone know, of any similar titles in French and/or Italian? I prefer them to have been written in those languages, not translated (so not Harry Potter, but something like that). Thanks!


You could try french speaking comic books.
Here a list :

The one I like - Tintin, Alix, Astérix, Blake et Mortimer,

Corto Maltèse, Largo Winch, Thorgal, Treize, are all very famous (not the only one of the list) but I never read any myself.

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