Additional Playlist Request


Would it be possible to implement another playlist for us to use on Lingq?
I did mention this to Steve via a YouTube comment and he seemed to agree.

Ideally having a few additional playlists would be incredibly helpful as im working through lots of different content and it’s becoming frustrating having to clear out my old playlist content to make room for new courses im working on. Plus I would like to keep some of the audio separate from one another.

I appreciate that additional playlists would mean extra data storage at your end, but even if we could get just one additional playlist that would be extremely helpful in my opinion.
Hopefully this is something we can see in the future?


Yes, Agee’s!

Yes, I also want this for more or less the same reasons.


That is a good idea!

I agree. Hope they do something about it soon. I think the limit is at 100. Also I hope they make it possible to save a course as a playlist so we can listen to one course without having to individually download the audio and put them into our single playlist.

Hopefully as more people respond they will consider adding it as a feature.
Perhaps a solution would be instead of having one big playlist with a hundred slots, they could break it down so you have two lists with fifty each or four lists with twenty five.

Although I would much prefer more lists at a hundred each.

I agree

This is something that we used to have and really wasn’t used that much. We do understand that there are those of you who would use it and like it but we aren’t likely to implement this. It really isn’t about the additional storage. It is more about the additional complexity of adding controls to do this which ends up cluttering up an already cluttered interface. The biggest benefit of a single playlist is that it only requires one control. Add/remove to/from playlist.

One thing we could do is allow you to play a course in some way without adding it as a playlist. But, again, not sure how many people would use this. We do appreciate the suggestions though and will continue to think about some way of enabling some capability like this.


Hi Mark, the repeat option in the app’s playlist isn’t working properly? Hope it can be fixed soon. Thank you for all you and your team’s hard work! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response Mark.
Perhaps if you could allow us to play the course as you suggested, that would be a good work around.
Hopefully its something that will be considered, I know its a feature I would definitely use.

Also, would it be possible to not limit the audios in the playlist? I believe it’s limited to 100

Which app is that? Is it the latest version? It seems fine on iOS.

We will take a look at playing the course. As for the limit, it has to be set at something. But, we will look at allowing you to customize it.


I am not religious but I pray for this every day.

I love the idea of having a playlist per course, that sounds like such an elegant solution that does not require them to change the current playlist interface.

They could keep the one-hundred limit on the main playlist and additionally allow people to play any course back without having to add every-single-lesson to the main playlist (which you will probably have to make space for in the first place).


I agree, I would be very happy if they allow us to play the course.

It would mean I can spend more time studying and less time messing around with my playlist.