Additional context for exported LingQs

I’ve started exporting some of my LingQs to use with other SRS programs and so far I have found it very effective.
I have been using the functionality to export LingQs as a .csv file and using that to make flashcards. I greatly enjoy that one of the columns that is exported is the original context in which the word was LingQed.
I am wondering if it is possible to have more flexiblity with the export to .csv function.
Clicking on a LingQ shows other contexts in which you have seen the same word. Is there any way to export each of these contexts in a separate column? Or even change the size of the context exported. Some contexts are sentence fragments that are a little too small to be helpful.

The current CSV file is best we can do at the moment. It’s not possible to adjust it and make changes to it before exporting.