Adding vocabulary (German)

Hi there. I am not very tech savvy, and I am struggling to import Vocabulary into LingQ. When I am reading something and I see an interesting phrase or word, I want to import that word/phrase into LingQ. (I would then use LingQ like any other space repetition system.) So I click on the Vocabulary tab, and then the Add Vocab tab. I get a really unhelpful page, with no clear instructions on how to proceed. I have been able to get words onto the system, and then add a translation, but I must be missing a trick here. Is there a clear (senior-friendly!) blog or you tube video that can take me through this process? Thanks, Grahame

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As you mentioned, on the Vocabulary tab you can import singe term or list of terms by copy-pasting them in the Import Vocabulary popup. That will add word into the list and you will then need to click on it to add translations, notes, tags etc.

What you can also do is to upload CSV file with all terms you want to import.

To import the CSV file successfully, you will need to include column titles to make it work. This is what the columns should be:

TERM - Word which you want to import in your study language
PHRASE - Sentence that include that word
TAG1 -
TAG2 - Here you can add tags for word, for example noun, verb etc… or anything else you need so that you can later filter them out on the Vocabulary page. (tags are optional)
HINTLANGUAGE1 - Your native/dictionary language in which you want to add translation
HINT1 - Translation for a word
HINTLANGUAGE2 - You can add translation in another language if you want (this is optional)
HINT2 - Translation in that second language (this is optional)

Please make sure to have no space in HINT1 and HINTLANGUAGE1 and also remove all commas.
Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions.

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I’d like to import German words as well, or create them on the go.

Do you have a few written examples to be sure about what to do in different situations?

Can we write the words directly in the empty field or only import as CSV?

Do we have to name in capital letters every column before writing the term?
Is the hintlanguage1 written in English or in the native language?
Can we use any character if we have more translations for the same word? (, * - ; …)

For example, is this line below correct if I write directly in the vocabulary import field? (not sure about the space at all)

TERM machen PHRASE ich mache sport TAG1 TAG2 HINTLANGUAGE1 Italian HINT1 fare, produrre, HINTLANGUAGE2 HINT2