Adding translations

I would like to add translations to some texts, but not sure how to do this. I would appreciate advice on how to do it.

In the lesson page, you edit the lesson and then go to Resources. You can also access the Resources while importing a lesson. Translation is one of the resources. Thanks.

Okay, thanks…but still not clear where on the lesson page one clicks to edit.

At the top of the lesson text there are three icons, Print, Edit and Download. The Edit icon is the one with the pencil.

Okay thanks again…strangely, I don’t have the Edit/Pencil icon – just the Print and Download icons.

@milestones: you can get the Pencil icon upon request.

Sorry I forgot that not everyone has the edit pencil. We don’t want everyone editing our lessons!!

However, if you are going to be correcting errors you can request the edit pencil. Meanwhile best place to add resources is via Import lessons button.