Adding sorting abilities to a specific story's vocabulary

Currently, when I open a story I’m working on in my workdesk, I get the list of words relevant for that story loaded in the LingQ pane so I can review them. That is a good thing. The problem is, I’m missing all the sorting options available in the vocabulary section which makes this great feature harder to use. For me, those lists of words can easily get to 100-200 words and I really need the ability to sort them by creation data and importance.

It doesn’t matter much if this option is integrated into the workdesk or simply as a new filter in the vocabulary section (that allows filtering by story, and then applying further sorting criteria), but I think its quite important, at least for me.


There are many things we can do to improve functionality but we have to wait with these until we get some more basic things in place. Meanwhile please the Vocab section for detailed study, and the emailed LingQ for regular review and as a prod to stay on top of your vocabulary.

Cetainly Steve, the functionality is quite great as it is, its just an idea to keep in mind for when you’ll have the time.