Adding resources to lessons


When creating a lesson, there is a tab for adding resources. One of the options it gives is to add attachments. I have added a PDF it’s supporting info to one of my lessons. However, once I save and then open the lesson, I do not see it anywhere. How do I access attached resources from within a lesson?

Click on the points in the right corner above the text

Thank you for your help! However, I am not seeing what you are referring to. I don’t see any “points” in the right hand corner above the text. Are you looking at the web based version or on the app?

Could you, by any chance, share a screen shot to show what you are referring to?

I am working with the web based version.
On any page in a lesson you will find the « three points » I am talking about.
It is a kind of button which gives you access to a menu and at the left of this menu you will find buttons for Notes – Translations – Video. These buttons are active if you have added notes, translations or a video. But I see that there is no button for attachments. In order to see if and how this works I added a PDF to a lesson myself, but there is no way to find it when you open the lesson.
So there is work to do for the LINGQ developpers!
Until this work is done, you can add the text of your PDF to the lesson under Notes!

You can find every resources you’ve added in this link Login - LingQ

P.s. please be sure you added your pdf following this step: top-right corner, point + icon with cursor and press “import ebook” drag and drop or select your pdf -keep in mind your file will be the course name- and it will automaticly open “part 1”

Mark has explained “how to use it” here

What Estruch wanted was to add a PDF as an attachment to a lesson in order to be able to consult the PFD when in that lesson, in the same way as you can consult a translation of the lesson (if the translation was imported).

I am sorry i misunderstood. If it will help you can access your attachments with this link.
Unfortunately, you need to open in a new tab.

When I click on that link I get 404 NOT FOUND and when I click on I get 403 FORBIDDEN!

yes it is a forbidden because you are trying to access a restricted subfolder. but you can access your pdf files, additional mp3 files or srt files. sorry i havent said it before. …/resources/attachments/“audio”.mp3 you have to put the last line with file name and file type.

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I tried this, and it works, Y.Emre! It is a pity that we have to go out of the lesson and use another tap to view the PDF text. I hope that the developpers will work on this and make possible to view attachment texts in the same way as we have access to notes or translations, without leaving LINGQ. Thanks for your help. But I’d like to know: where did you learn this? I am studying with LINGQ for a few years now, and never saw this before!

Thank you for the feedback and comments. I misunderstood what you meant by “points.” I was thinking points as in “score.” I see what you mean now.

Yes, benscheelings described exactly what I was trying to do. I have lesson material from a course I have purchased that includes a transcript, audio, and a PDF study guide that includes pictures, graphics, etc. I can import the transcript and the audio with no trouble, but I would like to be able to easily click within the lesson to see the attached PDF with the supporting materials. If I have to go outside of LingQ to accomplish this, then I might as well simply leave the PDF in my iBooks app or PDF reader and switch to that.

I had hoped to be able to just work within the LingQ app and lesson. The solution of going to outside webpages or typing specific addresses and extensions is even more complicated than having to switch between apps.