Adding images to LingQ Hints

Hey Everybody,
what do you think of being able to add an image to a hint? I realize this would probably be a bit of a technical challenge, but the benefits could be pretty awesome. For example, when reading I came across a type of woodworking tool in Japanese but didn’t really know a good English word to describe it. A quick Google images search gave me a concrete idea of the word’s meaning. It would be awesome if when I clicked a LingQ I’d be able to hear the text to speech and see my little image I’d added to it (along with the written hints). This would probably be most useful for nouns and would certainly improve recollection by using visual memory.
Thank you.

Edit: Maybe the User Interface could be similar to using the external dictionaries, you could click “get images” and it’d open Google images (and automatically search the word), then you would be able to pick an appropriate image and add it to the hint.


If the LingQ team succeeded to do your suggestion, it would be revolutionary movement in languages learning process and will decrease the time of learning.


I think it would take quite a lot of server space to store all those images. On the other hand it would probably be pretty useful for many people.

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That would be amazing!


That would be amazing!

Yeah, that could be a challenge, although they wouldn’t need to be super high quality. I don’t really know enough about the tech side of it to have an informed opinion, but as a user I think it’d be really useful.

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That would be great. Also, Google Images look up does not work either for Spanish dictionary. I hope it will get fixed soon.

Just wanted to give this another up vote. I use Anki to review my flashcards as the card review system in LingQ is lacking the feature to add images. For me, adding images helps me to identify and make associations with the words i’m learning. I really hope the LingQ team is listening :slight_smile:


Maybe something like

Excellent idea but LingQ needs to fix what they have than add more things. I do think it’s fun to dream. I also thought it would be cool if LingQ had a plug in on e readers such as Amazon Kindle so your LingQs would be synced on e books.

Just wanted to add my $0.02 that I think this would be a great feature especially Google images in target language as a new dictionary.

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You can just add the internet link to the image in the notes section of the word

Thanks for the suggestion. The thing is that we used to have this feature, as we thought it would be good too, but it didn’t get used much. In a way, it’s one of those features that sounds good but, in fact, isn’t practical. It takes time to add images, which slows you down, many words really don’t have obvious images and they really don’t help that much in learning vocabulary. The number of words you can learn by using the review activities and looking up pictures is too limited. You need 10’s of thousands of words. Most of the learning takes place be reading and hearing your vocabulary in multiple contexts, looking up the meaning and moving on. So, I’m afraid this is one feature we probably won’t be adding.


i think this feature dont have to have such a big server
just link to img url and pops up just like in the imgur

That would be great!

  1. I agree it would be of limited use. There’s a lot of vocabulary for which there is no obvious picture. What might suggest “obvious” to you might not be obvious to me.

  2. I think it would have to be private per user. I really do not want to see your picture for писюн.

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I think it would be very helpful. However, I think that it would really be most (or only) useful for those learners who have been unsuccessful in finding good enough hints in the dictionaries. In those cases though, you can also Google.

As long as it didn’t complicate LingQ’s user friendliness, slow down the system, etc (which some improvements have done) and suck up too much server space, I’d be for it.

I wonder how Memrise manages server space with users uploading ‘mems‘?

A feature like this would be useful on an individual level, however, I would prefer to see lessons have the ability to include images. At times I find it frustrating when I have imported an article that describes something but I cannot see it.