Adding functionality to Lingq Extension

A lot of posts here are pretty old, so I am having a hard time location documentation on any APIs or if there is any way to generate functionality for the Chrome extension to allow me to import a lesson.

Can anyone point me to where I need to go for this? The most ideal thing would be a way to input a domain schema that I would be able to provide the formatting for how to import a websites contents into a lesson, basically what ever the developers of the extension use to import directly to LingQ.

The more I look into it, the less that seems is likely. So even just links to current api documentation would be good.

Are looking for developer documentation to develop your own extension, or are you just looking for information about the existing extension which is here: Get the LingQ Importer Chrome Extension!

The extension works very well in MS Edge as well

The official API documentation is here: Contents: — LingQ 1.0 documentation
It is incomplete and out of date, but that may not matter if you only want to modify the official LingQ extension. If I understand correctly you are interested in improving the web scraping functionality of the LingQ extension? That would be cool, feel free to share your results.
I don’t think you can expect much support here, as far as I know the developers don’t browse the forum. Also, from what I hear, the extension is only used by a tiny fraction of the userbase and therefore not high priority at LingQ.