Adding dictionaries

Hello. Could I ask the administators, if it is possible, to add the Reverso dictionaries ( to the following language groups: French-Russian, English-Russian, German,-Russian, Italian-Russian? Thanks in advance.

Sure, done. German>Ru and English>Ru were already available, but I’ve just added Italian>Ru and French>Ru combinations.


Hello. Please add this dictionary with the Spanish-Russian combination as well. Thanks!

Sure, added!

Hello. Is it possible to make Multitran dictionary work so that when looking up for a new word in Lingq, the corresponding dictionnary is automatically opened in the window? Up for today, I need to select the language combination in the Multitran site window every time I look up for a word in Lingq, which is very time consuming and uncomfortable. I need this functionality for the following language combinations: FR/RU, EN/RU, DE/RU, ES/RU, IT/RU.

Unfortunately, not. The current setup we have for that dictionary is the best one we can implement.