Adding definitions in the target language (Greek)

I am learning modern Greek. The government of Greece has put children’s dictionaries on line, along with 1st through 12th grade textbooks, due to the pandemic. While reading dialogues in Lingq, instead of relying 100% on English-language definitions for words I need to learn, I would like to add definitions to Greek words in Greek from the children’s lexicon. Should I just keep a private collection of these definitions, or is it something other LingQ learners of modern Greek would like to try too? I don’t want to share them in the general Greek form if it will mess up things for learners who are expecting “English-only” definitions when the click on a Greek word they need to learn!

You can set Greek as your dictionary language too and add this definitely under the Greek slot (Greek to Greek translations).

Thanks, Zoran! I will give it a try.