Adding content to the library

I have imprted an item and it appears in my ‘imports’ and ‘My Imports’ in the Library. How do I share it with everyone else, as a lesson in the ‘beginners’ section of the library.

Hi Charles,

On the Import page for that lesson you will see a box underneath the main text that says “Share this Lesson”. If you click this you will be able to choose a Content Provider (or create one of your own) and then share it on the Library. This will enable other members to take the lesson as well. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve prepared :slight_smile:


I did all that and set the share to LingQ Central as the Content Provider, as a change from my original choice of EnglishLingQ. This changed ‘private’ to ‘shared’. But I can still only see it in the library, under the ‘my imports’ tab. And if I do a search, it cannot be found.

Hi Charles,

This is likely because the lessons database only updates approximately once per day. Also, you might want to change the content provider so that it displays your actual name rather than LingQ Central, as the lessons are in fact your own.
Could you also post the name of the lesson so that I can take a look for it some time later and ensure that it is up there?


I changed the provider name. The item is : Social networking (part 1)

Hi Charles, the easiest way is to look at your own profile. Under “My activities” you’ll see a post about the lesson that you’ve shared, and the link to the lesson.

I hope this helps.


I can see it in my profile, as you suggested. This is the link:


Great job on the lesson. I think it’s probably Intermediate 2 as far as level goes, but it’s always nice to get new genuine content in the library. I’m sure the learners will appreciate it :slight_smile: