Adding all course to the playlist

I heard Steve in his livestream saying that now it is possible to add the whole course to the play list: How should I do this? So far I did not find this option…


I thought I heard him say that too! But I do not see how to do it! Also, I want to be able to download the audio to a usb thumb drive so that I can play it on other devices when I am not online with wifi or with 3g with my phone. How could I do that?

Just click on the three dots at the bottom of any course.
There you’ll fine the option ‘Play Course Audio’. Click on it and all the lessons are sent to the playlist.


Open the lesson. At the top left corner there is the Play button, so next to it on the left there’s an arrow icon.
Click on it, save the audio file to your computer or direct to the thumb drive.

Besides, you can listen to the lessons form the playlist offline. Just be sure they have been uploaded first.
When you are back online, the statistics take your listening into account.


thank you for your advice

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@Sarka1 - Steve was using a test version of the iOS app in his livestream. That feature is not yet available on the iOS app to everyone but should be in the next release. It is currently available on the web as pointed out in this thread. Just click on the course menu when viewing your list of courses in My Lessons.

This should hopefully be available on Android before too long as well.

Any audio you listen to while online should then be available to listen to offline thereafter if you are using the mobile app. It is automatically downloaded either when playing the course or the Playlist or an individual lesson.

@Noodleworm - Will the Playlist and lesson audio not play for you while offline? You shouldn’t need to download it separately.


Thanks for information Mark.

Oh, looky-looky! There is that download arrow right next to the play button in each lesson. I don’t think I ever noticed it before.

I have been able to listen to my playlist on my phone when I’ve been on a long road trip. I guess I assumed it was using my 3 G data . . . I have not actually tested it offline because I tend to only take my Surface Pro out when I have wifi. The exception would be on a flight where we are forced to be in airplane mode. In preparation for a flight I try to DL a few youtube for the trip. I mistakenly thought the same would be true of Lingq. So perhaps I won’t need to download any of the audio files after all!

Very nice features that I really appreciate!

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Glad you like them! Just make sure that you open each lesson and see that the play button is active or add it to the playlist and make sure the play button is active in the playlist. If the button is active, it tells you the audio has had time to download fully.


This does this work on mobile? I can’t see the option in the app at the moment (Android)

Sorry it’s not available on mobile yet. It will be in the next version of the iOS app and hopefully in the Android app before too long.

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I have 4 lessons to import (on my free account) and I’d like to know how can I turn that into a course? Thanx

When importing you have the ability to choose a course, or create a course to add your lessons to. This is available when importing on the website or when using the extension.