Adding a dictionary

Hi, i´ve found a new dictionary, which translates words in context, i find extremely useful.

I wonder if would be possible to add it to Lingq, like many other dictionarys have been added on the past.

Here i attach u the link, it would be for Russian language (through Spanish)

Please let me know if would be possible to add it to the list of dictionarys, both on the web and on the IOS Version, thanks!

Hi Josu,
The Context Reverso dictionary was already available at LingQ. I have just added Russian>Spanish combination to it. Enjoy!

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thanks! im just trying to use it on the iphone, IOS app, But when i click on a word it oppens on the dictionary, however the selected languages are ENGLISH-FRENCH, instead of RUSSIAN-SPANISH. How can i fix that?

i´ve just tried on the web and is working perfect. the problems are just on the IOS app (im using the beta version)

Can you please restart the app and try again?

i reestarted, but still doesnt work. The dictionary opens good, but the selected languages are randomly, for expample ENGLISH-FRENCH

Still the same problem, the dictionary is working on Internet but not on IOS :frowning:

Hi Josu,
I’ll check this with our iOS developer and I’ll let you know when I hear back from him.

thanks a lot

Can you please try again Josu? Should be fixed now.

Hi, first of all thank you to take the time to fix this issue… Unfortunatly is still showing me English-french (instead of Russian-Spanish) Im using the IOS beta. But on the normal IOS app the problem is also ocurring.

Josu, actually iOS developer just confirmed that fix for the issue you reported will be available in next iOS Beta version which you will be able to test very soon. Thanks!